Proper Christmas Tree care and disposal after Christmas

It is more and more frequently that we decide to buy a living Christmas tree. We want the tree to accompany us as long as possible. There are methods ensuring the conifer’s intense green colour, health and freshness. If you love the Christmas atmosphere brought in by the scent of forest, here are some tips to achieve long term results.

Selection of proper Christmas tree

Where do the Christmas trees come from? Visit to a farm.

Conifers are produced worldwide. Most trees come from specialised farms. The trees should have evenly distributed branches, not too high and have a nice shape. Therefore, the production of an ideally-shaped Christmas tree is a time-consuming and laborious process.
Soil preparation

Comparison of Christmas trees

At Christmas we always face the dilemma: which Christmas tree should we choose? An artificial tree or a natural plant? Many arguments weigh in favour of the Christmas natural tree. Above all, a living tree introduces a more festive atmosphere in the house. Its naturally beautiful forest fragrance spread around the house preserves the Christmas ambience long afterwards. The species of conifers differ one from another, therefore it is good to think before the purchase which type of tree will be most appropriate for our home.


In harmony with nature. Ecological Christmas trees. Is an artificial tree better than natural?

At Christmas we face a number of dilemmas. The choice of a Christmas tree belongs to one of them. Is an artificial tree better than natural? The former seems more convenient. It serves us a few years, its needles do not fall off and after Christmas we just put it back to the cellar. A natural tree spreads around the fragrance of the forest and looks gorgeous. Beasides, buying a Christmas tree is one of our most favourite Christmas traditions. But what about the environement? Is a plastic tree more environment-friendly than a real one?

How to choose a good Christmas tree?

The selection of a Christmas tree brings a real pleasure, for both children and their parents. More and more frequently we decide to buy a real Christmas tree. The market of Christmas trees has become very saturated. If you want the forest-smelling tree to meet your expectations and stay longer in your house, we should pay attention to a couple of important details during the purchase of the tree. 


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